Types Of Slot Machines

The first time you see a slot machine, you need to learn what each of the buttons is for and how you get the prizes. The different buttons and elements of a slot machine are explained below:

Payline: A pay line is each of the lines that has a prize associated with it if it contains a combination of symbols listed in the prize table.

Payline indicator: With the payline indicators, you can choose the number of paylines you want to activate in each spin. In online slots, it can usually be done by clicking on the indicator of the payment lines that you want to activate or using a specific button. For example, suppose you click on the “3” indicator, and 3 paylines will be activated. In that case, the patterns of these lines will be displayed at the time you click, and the indicator will remain illuminated to show how many pay lines are selected. The selection of pay lines can be changed on each spin; if not changed, the selection from the previous spin is maintained.

Winning pay line: After spinning the reels of the slot machine, it is shown if there are any winning combinations on any of the pay lines that have been played. If any of the pay lines are winning, said line and the associated win are shown.

Number of payment lines selected: When a slot machine has several payment lines, it usually has a “Bet Lines” button that is used to indicate the number of payment lines that you want to activate in the spin. Typically, this number can also be changed in online slots using the payline indicators to the right and left of the panel containing the reels.

Bet level: There are slot machines that have different bet levels; that is, you can choose the number of credits (within a minimum and maximum) that you want to bet for each activated payment line. In that case, the machine will have a “Bet Level” button to modify the number of credits that will be bet per line in each spin.

Credit value: Credits are bet on each spin, and slot machines allow you to select the credit value within the machine’s betting limits. To modify the value of the credits that will be bet in each game, you must use the “Credit value” button, which is also usually called “Coin value”.

Play: The play button activates the reels and makes them spin.

Max Bet: The “Max Bet” button also activates the reels. By clicking on this button, a spin will be played at the highest bet level that the machine allows, and all the machine’s pay lines will be activated. These two conditions, higher bet level and all active pay lines, will be set for the next spin. If you want to change them, you would have to use the “Bet Level” and “Bet Lines” buttons to set other values. When playing in the “Maximum Bet” mode, the value of the credit is not changed; you play with the value that the machine had prior to pressing “Maximum Bet”. The credit value is only modified using the button intended for this purpose. In slot machines that have a jackpot, it is usually necessary to play the maximum bet to qualify for the jackpot.

Balance: This section shows the balance available to play at any given time. The balance changes with each play depending on whether you win or lose.

Credits: This section shows the equivalence of the balance to game credits according to the credit value selected at each time.

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